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Olivia Dvorak is a graphite artist who creates personal and timeless drawings. Her hyper realistic style keeps memories alive and holds a lifetime of value. Beginning with a reference photo, every intricate detail comes together to serve as an heirloom for families and generations to come. She is passionate about the healing, joy and balance that her work brings to each home.

”When we lost our yellow lab, Odin, in February 2021. Our hearts were shattered into a million pieces. He was our heart and soul. I knew that we needed to have a special drawing of him to help us through the difficult days. I talked with Olivia and explained how much Odin meant to my husband and me. Olivia one of our favorite pictures Odin. We waited with great anticipation for the final drawing to arrive, and we were both in tears when we opened the package. She totally captured Odin's personality. We have the drawing hung in our living room and we constantly look at it and even talk to Odin because she really brought him to life. We can’t thank her enough. He will forever have a place in our hearts and home because of Olivia. Anyone who is missing a beloved pet should reach out to her. You will be totally touched by her drawings.”

 - Lisa  

   Mckeesport, Pennsylvania


“Olivia, we LOVE your masterpiece!  We had tears all around! You captured our dog perfectly!  Thank you again for such a beautiful piece of art!”

- Tiffany

   Cremmling, Colorado


“Olivia captured the spirit and soul of my dear sweet donkey, Jacob, perfectly. His keen eyes watched over all that happened on the farm - whether he was alerting his pasture mates about danger, or spying the opportunity to steal a jacket or pair of gloves left within his reach. His departure left a great hole in my heart, but this beautiful work gives me great joy every day. He has returned - just in a different form to watch over me! Thank you so much for creating this very special piece, Olivia.”

- LuAnn

Harlem, Georgia

What can I say? My sweet cat is the love of my life, and Olivia went above and beyond my expectations when I asked her to draw my pride and joy. This beauty has been by my side through some of my hardest and some of my most joyous moments in my adult life. By creating this piece, Olivia has made it possible for Cece to remain close to me for all our days going forward. A timeless masterpiece. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Jen

Roscoe, Illinois


“Olivia did a portrait of our Mastiff, Wilbur, for my family. She did an amazing job. I was amazed without a doubt. Alongside her artwork, her business and response time was so spot on. Definitely a 10 out of 10, and my family and I will be doing more work with Olivia. I would suggest everyone do the same.”  

- Shawn

Janesville, Wisconsin


“My husband and kids surprised me with the most special (emotional) Mother’s Day gift, hand drawn by our very talented friend, Olivia, and I’m so grateful! Now I will get to see my sweet Shaylee Mae’s face each night before bed and every morning when I wake up forevermore.”

- Melissa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

 I’m so grateful that my sister gave me Olivia Dvorak’s art as a gift. Olivia’s drawings capture the love and spirit of my three dogs Bogie, Lily and Celeste. The art is a real treasure, and I’m so thankful!”

- Anne 

Ann Arbor, Michigan


“My husband and I absolutely love the three drawings Olivia has created for us! Two of our beloved pups have passed on and Olivia's portraits keep their beautiful faces and their personalities fresh in our hearts and memories! Thank you Olivia for sharing your amazing heart and passion for art; it shows in each piece you create!”

 - Suzan

Rockford, Illinois


“Absolutely amazing. The drawing encompasses all of the memories and happy emotions our dog brought to our family. It truly helps bring closure to our loss!”

- Andy

Tabernash, Colorado


“Hawkeye is our charcoal lab, and my husband surprised me at Christmas with a beautiful and amazing pencil drawing by Olivia Dvorak. The drawing caught me so off guard, and I was very emotional when I first saw it. She captured Hawkeye and his unique personality so well. The drawing is, by far, my favorite piece of art in the house.”

- Missy

Belvidere, Illinois  

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