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Historic 1855 Homestead

Rockton, IL

16x22 canvas 

21x27 frame

In 1855 this historic Italianate home was drafted and built by a man named John Clover, and the property and its history lives on today. Clover was a prominent man in the city who built other beautiful homes in the village. Once a plan was drafted for the Italianate, he ordered high grade bricks to be ferried across the river to begin the project. After the build was completed, the property flourished as an apple orchard and chicken farm. The shed to the left of the house was a chicken coop and the barn a spacious carriage house. One of many to take pride and ownership of the home was the inventor of the Sears Motor Buggy, Alvaro S. Krotz. Born during the Civil War, Krotz was a progressive thinker and pioneer of the automobile industry. He spent hours inventing part of the famous buggy in the barn that is still standing strong.

For over 160 years, this home in Rockton has held life, memories, family and history in its walls. The stories of the past are preserved, and more will be told as the years go on.

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